Rosenblatt Stadium held 8 of 10 largest College World Series crowds in history

Texas-ASU 2009

Updated June 14, 2018

Top ten largest College World Series crowds in history

  1. 30,553  – North Carolina vs.  LSU, 6-20-08 (Rosenblatt)**
  2. 30,335  – North Carolina vs. Cal St. Fullerton & Oregon St. vs. Rice, 6-21-06 (Rosenblatt)*
  3. 29,921  –  North Carolina vs. Rice & Oregon St. vs.  UC Irvine, 6-21-06 (Rosenblatt)*
  4. 29,034  –  North Carolina vs. Louisville & UC Irvine vs. Arizona St., 6-19-07 (Rosenblatt)*
  5. 28,216 –  Texas vs. Georgia & South Carolina vs. Cal St. Fullerton, 6-23-04 (Rosenblatt)*
  6. 27,452  – Arizona St. vs.  Florida & Texas vs.  Baylor, 6-22-05 (Rosenblatt)*
  7. 27,127 – UCLA 8, Mississippi St. 0 No. 14 (Ch. 2) 6-25-13  (TD Ameritrade)**
  8. 27,122  -Indiana vs. Louisville, 6-15-13 (TD Ameritrade)
  9. 26,941 –  Baylor vs.  Oregon St.  & Texas vs. Tulane, 6-20-05 (Rosenblatt)*
  10. 26,887 – Oregon St. vs.  North Carolina, 6-23-07 (Rosenblatt)


*Doubleheader  **Stadium record

Key takeaways:

  • North Carolina played in each of the four most highly attended sessions.
  • Largest single-game crowd at Rosenblatt (30,553 on June 20, 2008)  exceeded the largest crowd to date at TD Ameritrade (27,127 on June 15, 2013) by a 12.6% margin.
  • Largest crowd at TD Ameritrade Park to date comes in at #7 on the all-time attendance list.

Why does this matter?

When talk of replacing Rosenblatt Stadium began to swirl around Omaha in 2007, the need for more seating was routinely cited as justification for a new stadium. At the end of the seventh year of play at TD Ameritrade Park, it would appear that the demand for more seating was overstated.

It looks like the City of Omaha could have saved its taxpayers about $130 million by staying keeping Rosenblatt Stadium alive.

Source: as of June 22, 2015

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