College World Series home run stats for past decade #cws

There has been a lot of talk in 2013 about how well-hit balls that would be home runs in many other ballparks around the country are not making it out of TD Ameritrade Park. Fans are calling for moving the outfield in to return the glory days of “the long ball”.

Below is a breakdown of home runs during the College World Series (CWS) over the last ten years followed by a few factors that seem to  have led to a reduction in home run numbers.

Year Home runs Games Avg per game
2012 10 15 0.67
2011 9 14 0.64
2010 32 16 2.00
2009 45 15 3.00
2008 38 16 2.38
2007 37 15 2.47
2006 20 16 1.25
2005 24 15 1.60
2004 17 15 1.13
2003 32 16 2.00

Important notes:

  1. The NCAA standardized BBCOR bats for all teams in 2010 – the last yearof the CWS  at Rosenblatt Stadium.
  2. The CWS was first played at TD Ameritrade Park in 2011.
  3. The distance from home plate to the outfield walls is identical at TD Ameritrade as at Rosenblatt.
  4. Batters face southeast at TD Ameritrade and faced northeast at Rosenblatt. Summertime winds in Omaha tend to prevail from the south.



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